What is Play Therapy

Imagine a child who, although little, has some strong emotions going on inside of him or her.  Not only can they be scary and overwhelming, but sometimes they can become dangerous and frustrating to parents and teachers when the only way a child knows how to handle these BIG feelings is to "act out" or keep them inside.  What if, they could play it out?

Traditional "talk therapy" just doesn't work with many kids. Why?  Have you ever had an in-depth, emotionally-based verbal conversation with a child?  I know I haven't.  It's not that children don't want to get these feelings out, but they aren't yet at the developmental level where they can do so through words.  Think of it this way... if words are how adults communicate, then for children..

Play is their language and Toys are their words!

Kid's Drawings
Aspiring Pilot
Fun with Imagination
Kids Blowing Bubbles

Play is never "just play".  Playing is how children learn about the world, learn about others, and learn about themselves. Through play, children learn coping skills, emotional vocabulary, frustration tolerance, emotional regulation, social skills, and all of the skills they need to successfully venture out into the world on their own.  Trauma can also be addressed and processed through play in an age appropriate, safe way.


Sandtray Therapy gives clients of all ages an additional way to express themselves when words aren't enough. The best way I can describe it, is imagine you're watching a movie and hit pause.  That one scene, shows a lot of detail about what's going on in that moment.  In addition to its therapeutic use, sandtray can be a tool for personal growth and the development of creativity.  The sand that is used is free of chemicals, gluten free, dust and dye free, and asthma and allergy friendly.