Every parent wants their child to be happy.  But what happens when they aren't? What happens when no matter what we do as a parent/guardian, our child still appears more angry, sad, lonely, or scared?  Or, have you ever cringed when you see the child's school call.. wondering, "what is it this time"?

Children need to feel 4 things to flourish:

1-Courage - The ability to take safe risks with the belief they can handle challenging situations.

2-Connection - The ability to connect with others, and develop healthy and appropriate relationships.

3-Capable - The "I can" belief resulting in self-control and knowing they have a sense of competence.

4-Count - Kids need to know that they matter and make a difference in the world and to those around them.  

There are many things that can shake up these "4 Crucial C's" such as:

  • parent divorce or family conflict

  • abandonment, abuse & neglect

  • trauma & crisis

  • bullying

  • family/friend/pet loss

  • moving

  • bullying. 

And sometimes, nothing specific happens, but something still doesn't feel ok.  

This is where play therapy comes in.  What's play therapy you ask?

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